about us

Freedom for Julian – Freedom for journalism worldwide.

Our citizens’ initiative is rooted in Germany around the cities of Leipzig and Chemnitz. We are an alliance of people who share common interests and who

  • consider a courageous civil society to be desirable,
  • can not see how a public example is currently being made to Julian Assange,
  • stand for a free democratic society,
  • advocate the absolute protection of whistleblowers as well,
  • consider the inviolability of any journalistic activity and a free press as a necessary basis.

We consider Mr. Assange’s detention to be wrong. He just took his duty seriously and published previously hushed up connections. He is an honorable personality for us and even a role model for investigative journalists worldwide.

Anyone who approves or even accepts Julian’s treatment and detention surrenders to the powerful of this world.

With every additional day Julian spends in prison, the likelihood increases that he will not survive this ordeal of physical solitary confinement and psychological agony unscathed. We don’t want to stand idly by. We want to raise our voices.