Call On COVID19


On current occasion! Call to the British Embassy in Berlin. We advocate his lawyers’ demand: Release Julian Assange immediately! His state of health has been seriously affected by years of torture and solitary detention in the high security prison Belmarsh. Even without health restrictions, inmates in prisons are considered a particularly vulnerable group of people to infection with the corona virus. For this reason, prisoners are currently being released worldwide. This is why Julian’s lawyers recently applied for release under house arrest. However, the application was rejected by the British justice system. This shows once again how politically motivated the whole process is. This serves the purpose of further demonization, in order to deprive him of fundamental constitutional and democratic basic rights. Should the British constitutional state continue to refuse to release Julian Assange from the custody of “Britains Guantánamo”, as London’s high-security prison is still called, he will be complicit in all the consequences that ensue. The United Nations Charter of Human Rights, which also applies to the UK, grants EVERYONE the right to physical integrity and protection of life. Therefore, calls on the British Government to end this unacceptable situation and to recognise Julian Assange’s fundamental rights by releasing him from prison immediately.

British Embassy Berlin:

                    To British Home Secretary Priti Patel

consular section
Wilhelmstraße 70/71
10117 Berlin

p.s. You are welcome to let us know about your initiative via email: gregor@leipzigforjulian.de

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